home decoration

jewellery decoration

hang necklaces on nails for display

jewellery decoration

jewellery decoration

NY pictures

NY picture selection printed on canvas

painting on canvas

Parts of paintings printed on canvas. Pics were taken in some Moscow gallery.

flower decoration

fake flowers on my large mirror

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card weaving

Here’s some card weaving examples, a tutorial will follow later.

The rams horn patterns are from the Steinmaus Blog.

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Here’s some stuff I made from silver using different techniques

The pendant was made by sand casting, the necklace and bracelet by knitting. The ring was made from a flat piece of silver where I later hammered the surface. The clasp was made from a cast piece of silver that was drawn into form (which was hell of a lot of work ;) ).

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what other people do …

This is so cool!!! DIY music plus video. Hope to see more of it ;)

You find this on youtube as well: mama dragon – original music video by inaelk

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nail polish

Did you ever think about why women paint their nails? Here’s what wikipedia has to say. Wow, women have been doing this since around 3000 BC?
Once nail polish was refined, it was often used in the place of gloves to cover up the grime underneath the nails. LOL.

Ok, somehow it is completely weird to paint the nails when you think about it but well, somehow I love to experiment with colors, even on my fingernails ;)

There’s the problem of finding some reasonably priced polish that leaves the nails intact and does not chip immediately. After some longer experiments I currently stick to Essie. They last up to 5 days before they chip and can be peeled of (nail polish remover sucks).
I use Essie rock solid base coat, one or two layers of color followed by a layer of no chips ahead and finishing with one layer of good to go.

My current favorite is play date and then there’s crocadilly. It’s such a crazy idea to make patterns using a magnet I just had to test if it really works. Well, be careful not to bump the magnet into the wet polish, you have to hold it as close as possible (1mm or so) to get an effect. Still have not made up my mind if I like it or not, but it looks … interesting.

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dye it yourself

2013 seems to be all about colored denim. Alright then, let’s see what we can do with this

and some textile color. What I want to get is some blue tinted lilac, so it is no problem that the original jacket is not clean white but a light blue. The jacket (600g) is from H&M, means it was quite cheap and it reeks of chemicals (the stuff they use to fix the color?). First it gets a nice wash. The pillow slip (200g) gets into the game cause I have too many of them in the same color and I’d like to see how pure linen reacts to the coloring. The dye I use is enough for 1.8 kg of fabric, so in goes the jacket, two linen pillow slips, a no longer really white jeans (400g) and a towel (380g).

The fabric needs to be wet, so I gave all a good rinse, the jacket was wet from washing anyway. The dying is done in the washing machine, just add the fabric, the fix powder that comes with the color plus 500g of salt. Start the washing (30 degree, no prewash) and after 5 minutes add the liquid dye (to wherever the laundry detergent usually goes) plus one liter of water.

Wait until the machine is done, then wash again this time with detergent. You’ll see how the final color is when all has dried.

Turned out pretty much the way I wanted it ;)


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to my blog :)

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